TrustLube ontwikkelt nieuwe brochure

Gedurende de laatste paar weken heeft TrustLube een totaal nieuwe brochure ontwikkelt, die gepresenteerd zal worden tijdens OSEA 2014. Deze nieuwe brochure informeert u over wie we zijn en wat we voor u kunnen betekenen. Een preview van onze (Engelstalige) brochure:


TrustLube designs, manufactures, assembles, installs and commissions automatic lubrication systems and monitoring systems for the Dredging, Offshore, Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind Industry. We execute the whole process from design to completion. Anywhere in the world. Our skill is to determine the exact dosage required to ensure optimal performance of your installation.


TrustLube enables you to reduce your lubricant consumption up to 70%. You will be able to work in a cleaner and safer environment, because you will experience less spillage. TrustLube systems will enable you to eliminate the human factor in lubricating. We know how difficult it is to find all 400 lubrication point on a vessel. And how safety and lubricating while in operation is a challenging combination. With TrustLube systems, you will eliminate all these challenges once and for all.