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Heavy industry. That’s your world. Your factories and installations produce products and semi-finished products under extreme conditions. You work with heavy machinery and impressive installations that go to extremes every day and night. Quality and continuity are essential. This is why you need to be 100% certain that your installations will remain in operation.  Under all conditions. Standing still is simply not an option. At TrustLube, we understand this. That's why we keep your world in motion.non-stop.

in motion.non-stop.

At TrustLube we design, produce and install tailor-made automatic lubrication systems. These solutions apply exactly the right amount of lubricant, in exactly the right place. And we monitor all your systems digitally. This gives you real-time insight into the status of your machines and installations. So you avoid downtime. And your business will always run smoothly.

Efficient and targeted lubrication prevents wear and tear and extends the life of your assets. Your investment in lubricants and maintenance is also significantly reduced. This enables us to not only increase the productivity of your machinery, but also ensure reliability, availability and safety. Our special stainless steel systems resist dust, heat and corrosive agents. This reduces the need for maintenance and costly repairs. Which is exactly what you need in a world where delays are not an option.

Tailor-made lubrication systems for heavy industry

Lubrication requires a customised apporach. Each machine or installation has different characteristics. Each production environment presents different challenges. This is why our automatic lubrication systems are always tailor-made. Thanks to our many years of worldwide experience, we know exactly how installations are used and what influences the machinery is exposed to.

Safety first
Nothing goes above the safety of your operators and maintenance engineers. Our lubricants are not harmful to people or the environment. Automated lubrication means your staff no longer need to lubricate manually in dangerous places. You also reduce the chance of a slippery workfloor.  

Five advantages of TrustLube for heavy industry

  • 70% less lubricant - Thanks to TrustLube's smart systems, you lubricate up to 70% more efficiently.
  • Maintenance-free - Due to the robust design, our automatic lubrication systems require hardly any attention or maintenance.
  • Hermetically sealed - Water, dust and corrosive agents do not affect the operation of the lubrication system.
  • Higher uptime - Our automatic lubrication systems reduce the risk of wear wear and tear, breakage and downtime.
  • Safe - Automatic lubrication contributes to a smooth and, above all, safe installation  

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