Innovation and responsibility

The world in which our customers operate is constantly changing. Sometimes literally. We see it as our mission to continue to innovate in order to be able to move smoothly with our customers. And to help our customers stay ahead by contributing with innovative solutions to a smooth operation.

 TrustLube stands for innovation. We constantly see new opportunities to take your business further. Our innovations help you to operate more efficiently, save costs, increase the uptime of your installations and do business with an eye for people and the environment. Innovation is therefore an essential and integral part of our DNA.

Innovation is in our DNA

Lubrication needs customization. Every installation has its own characteristics and environmental influences. The type of lubricant, the quantity and the lubrication frequency are therefore not only different per installation, but even vary per unique lubrication point. That is why our automatic lubrication systems are always custom made and our experienced engineers develop advanced lubrication solutions on a daily basis, using modern 3D techniques. That is why every project contains the seeds for innovation. Many systems that we use are derived from previous customer-specific solutions. Innovation is therefore not the responsibility of a separate department. At TrustLube, innovation is a continuous process that involves everyone.

New technology inspires us

Sensors, 5G, Internet of Things, big data, analytics; new technological developments constantly receive our warm attention. Where possible, we are inspired by those developments and we investigate their applicability within our own products and solutions. By cleverly combining existing technologies, we are gradually expanding our capabilities in the field of automatic lubrication.

Socially responsible lubrication

With TrustLube you can easily fulfill your CSR objectives. Our innovations not only contribute to the maximum uptime of installations, but also contribute to a better, safer world. An installation that is properly lubricated lasts significantly longer. In addition, efficient and targeted lubrication ensures that up to 70% less lubricant is needed, which is less harmful to the environment. Moreover, we only work with non-toxic lubricants that are safe for humans, plants and animals.

We also operate responsibly ourselves. Within more and more processes - from R&D and procurement to HR - TrustLube uses the guidelines of ISO 26000, an international guideline for corporate social responsibility.

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