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Where materials make contact friction arises. And friction causes wear. That is why we use lubricants. On the powerful cutter suction dredgers and crane ships. But also at the installations with which our food is prepared and packaged. But do you lubricate too little? Or are you lubricating incorrectly? Then those indispensable machines come to a standstill. At Trustlube we keep the world of our customers moving. We do this by innovating lubrication. Nonstop.

Innovative and unique solutions

We offer sustainable and robust lubrication solutions. Fully customized to the great challenges that our customers face every day. At sea. And on the production floor. Innovative solutions that minimize wear and ensure maximum uptime. Solutions that cost little time and attention. Smart. Automatically. Easy to monitor.

Trustlube, nice to meet you

We are the lubrication experts. We design, produce and install automatic lubrication systems. Fully customized. Our products apply the correct amount of lubricant. Without missing a millimeter. And we digitally monitor all systems. This way we provide real-time insight. We serve companies in the maritime sector, the food and production industry and the mining industry. Our innovative solutions minimize wear, ensure maximum uptime and perform under the most extreme conditions.

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